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The Yorkshire Driving Club was formed in 1963, when a group of driving enthusiasts held a meeting and decided to form a club purely to promote the art of carriage driving or park driving as it was then called.

The Yorkshire Driving Club was then formed. Some of the founder members are still enthusiastic members today.

The club has changed throughout the years, along with the times and the arrival of modern vehicles. Dress rallies were popular in the past, where best vehicles and harness are the order of the day with of course bowler hats, aprons, gloves etc.

Today it's a more relaxed "free and easy" atmosphere, which allows any vehicles, as long as they are neat, tidy and safe to come for the day or spend the weekend driving and socialising. It's a great way to spend the summer months, visiting for the day or camping with your horse or pony and having BBQ's with your friends - there's always the next drive to look forward to!

Meetings for the club are on a regular basis through out the summer months, club newsletters are sent throughout the year to its members by either post or email. The facebook and web page site are regularly updated with the club events. 

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